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    SLIC, Socio-Legal Information Center.

    Reports and Publications

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    Reports & Publications

    Book_Juvenile Justice

    Date: 13/03/2013

    Document File: Book_Juvenile Justice

    Telecom Regulatory Authority of India: Consultation Paper on Issues relating to Media Ownership

    Date: 15/02/2013

    Document File: Read the full report here.

    This consultation paper seeks the comments/views of the stakeholders on the need, nature and level of restrictions and safeguards with respect to vertical integration in the broadcasting and… Read More

    Claiming Dignity (Reproductive Rights & the Law)

    Date: 13/01/2013

    Document File: Claiming Dignity 2

    Introduction By: Kerry Mcbroom.
    Compiled and Edited by: Cheryl Blake.

    Tibetans’ peaceful protest booklet: Legal advice for Tibetan activists

    Date: 01/01/2013

    Document File: Tibetans’ peaceful protest booklet

    HRLN’s association with the Tibetan movement began in 2005, and since then we at HRLN have learned so much from the Tibetan community. We are grateful for the time that Tibetans shared with us, and… Read More

    Using the Law for Public Health

    Date: 12/05/2012

    Document File: Using the Law for Public Health

    Editor: Augustine Veliath.
    Coordination: Sanjai Sharma.

    Refugees and the Law (Second Edition)

    Date: 11/12/2011

    Document File: Refugee and the Law_2nd Edition

    Edited by: Ragini Trakroo Zutshi, Jayshree Satpute, Md. Saood Tahir.

    Mirchpur Carnage (Caste Violence in Haryana)

    Date: 11/12/2011

    Document File: Mirchpur Carnage

    Compiled and Edited by: Saritha Bhoi.

    Prisoners’ Rights Volume II

    Date: 11/12/2011

    Document File: Prisoners Rights Volume II (December 2011)

    Compilation and Text Editing: Monica Sakhrani, Annie Fernandes, Sr Suma Jose SD, Ritu Kumar, Sukrit Kapoor.

    National Consultation on Defending the Defenders

    Date: 20/11/2011

    Document File: Defend-the-Defenders

    Edited by: Harshal Dobhal.
    Text editors: Avrati Bhatnagar, Mathew Jacob, Anupam Kishore.
    Transcription by: Nand Kishor

    Trafficking and the Law

    Date: 10/11/2011

    Document File: Trafficking The Law

    The Book is compiled by: Anti-trafficking and Law Initiative Team, HRLN.
    Research is led by: HRLN Team.

    Trafficking and the Law – Hindi

    Date: 10/11/2011

    Document File: Trafficking and the Law Hindi

    The Book is compiled by: Anti-trafficking and Law Initiative Team, HRLN.
    Research is led by: HRLN Team.

    Leading cases in Dowry

    Date: 11/09/2011

    Document File: Leading Cases on Dowry

    Compiled and Edited by: Anita Rao, Svetlana Sandra Correya.

    Dignity and Rights of the Sewerage and Allied Workers

    Date: 11/09/2011

    Document File: Dignity and Rights of the Sewerage

    Compiled and Edited by: Sarita Bhoi.

    Training Module on The Rights Of Women Against Violence

    Date: 11/08/2011

    Document File: Training Module Rights of Women

    Author: Vikram Srivastava.
    Co-ordination: Aparna Dwivedi.
    Editor: Suresh Nautiyal.
    Text Editor: Nancy Cruz.

    Indian Laws Protecting Children

    Date: 11/08/2011

    Document File: Indian Laws Protecting Children

    Edited by: Pankaj Sinha.

    Supreme Court on Children

    Date: 11/08/2011

    Document File: Supreme Court on Children

    KALIYUG (The Decline of Human Rights Law in the Period of Globalisation)

    Date: 11/08/2011

    Document File: Kaliyug_Colin

    Author: Colin Gonsalves.
    Editor: Suresh Nautiyal.
    Assistance in text editing: Ashima Kanwar, Rosannagh Rogers, Neha Bhatnagar
    Assistance in research: Abida Khatoon, Anupama Chaturvedi.

    All Human Rights are Fundamental Rights. (Second Edition)

    Date: 10/06/2011

    Document File: All Human Rights are Fundamental Rights

    Foreward by: Justice Rajinder Sachar.

    Human Rights Violations by Transnational Corporations in Goa & Chhattisgarh

    Date: 11/01/2011

    Document File: Human Rights Violations

    Compiled by: Pallavi Chhibber, Rosannagh Rogers,Nicole Milkereit.
    Compilation: Pallavi Chhibber, Rosannagh Rogers, Nicole Milkereit
    Text Editor: Suresh Nautiyal
    Assistance in editing: Arvind… Read More

    Report on the first National Consultation on Prison Reform

    Date: 03/04/2010

    Document File: Report on the National Consulataion on Prison Reform

    Editors: Ritu Kumar, Smriti Minocha, Narain Kumar.
    Text Editor: Ashima Kanwar.

    Report of Independent People’s Tribunal on Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

    Date: 20/02/2010

    Document File: IPT_Kashmir

    Design: Mahendra S Bora.

    Manipur in the Shadow of AFSPA

    Date: 10/12/2009

    Document File: IPT_Manipur

    Editor: Harsh Dobhal.

    Freedom of Press (Using the Law to defend journalist)

    Date: 09/12/2009

    Document File: Freedom of the Press

    Compiled by: Kartik Sharma, Ashley Tomlinson, Maura Fin, Media Law Division, International senior Lawyers Project.

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