Covid-19 Response

Prior to the announcement of the National Lockdown on the 25th of March 2020, a number of courts had shut down in respon more

Right to Food

Right to food is a basic human right. Yet, reports of starvation deaths and widespread hunger are common in India. In 20 more

Women's Justice

Reports of the violation of women’s fundamental rights through physical, mental, emotional, and sexual violence agai more

Students For Human Rights

HRLN through its units across the country is helping build an independent national network of students. Today, it has me more

Sexual Minority and Gender Rights

In 1997, HRLN co-organised a “National conference on rights of sexuality minorities” in Mumbai. Soon afterwards, the more

Right to Information

In India, RTI Act was introduced in 2005 and it is widely regarded as one of the most important legislations passed by t more

Right To Housing

The right to adequate housing has been widely recognized and accepted as a part of the right to life by the internationa more

Right to Education

Nine years since the enactment of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act (2009), there are still hug more

Reproductive Rights

Visit the Reproductive Rights initiative website at for complete information and r more

Release and Rehabilitation of Bonded Labour

The National Campaign Committee for the Eradication of Bonded Labour (NCCEBL), in collaboration with Human Rights Law Ne more

Refugee Rights

Despite the fact that India is a host to diverse groups of refugees, the country has no specific laws or cohesive policy more

Prisoners’ Rights

“The poor, illiterate and weaker sections in our society in our country suffer day in and day out in their struggle fo more

People's Health Rights

One of the most critical challenges facing India today is reduction of funds allocated for the health of its people. In more

Labour Rights

HRLN ‘s work in labour rights has its roots in the trade union struggle in Mumbai. In India, only a minuscule fraction more

Implementation of Forest Rights

A PIL was filed by wildlife activists in 2008 challenging the constitutional validity of the Forest Rights Act. On 13th more

Greater involvement of people living with HIV (GIPA)

According to UNAIDS, in 2016, an average of 36.7 million people globally were living with HIV but only 19.5 million of t more

Environmental Justice and Climate Change

The Environmental Justice Initiative (EJI) attempts to make any intervention in environmental protection more sensitive more

Emergency and Disaster Response

Most organizations intervene in cases of emergencies, disasters, and natural calamities only after the event has occurre more

Disability Rights

Census 2011 pegs the number of persons with disabilities in India at 26.9 million, which is 2.12% of the population. A W more

Dalit Rights

Over one-sixth of India’s population — some 200 million people — live a precarious existence, shunned by much of I more

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Initiative (CJI) provides pro-bono and low-cost legal aid service to undertrials and convicted pris more

Child Rights

Although India has a large number of laws to protect and promote the rights of children, children’s concerns are viewe more

Campaign Against Acid Attack

Acid Attack is an attack or attempt to attack a person with the intention to disfigure, torture, or kill, using acid or more

Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Slavery

India alone is home to 40% of the world’s estimated 45.8 million slaves. Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. more