Homeless man, arrested on false charges imprisoned for 6 months for failing to provide bail amount


Badari Lal Meghwal Vs State of Rajasthan [Criminal Appeal No. 156/2016.] before the court of District and session judge, Jaipur metropolitan, Jaipur. The petitioner is citizen of India. He was living on the streets of Jaipur without any permanent home while driving a rickshaw as his livelihood. On 27/3/2016 around at 3.30 PM, he was arrested by local police under preventive offense section 109, 151 Cr.p.C and produced before the court of the executive magistrate cum ACP Jaipur city South Jaipur. The Executive magistrate cum ACP Jaipur city South Jaipur, without any inquiry and hearing the charges against the petitioner, solely on the basis of police report, demanded a bail bond amount of Rs. 10,000 be paid by the petitioner for keeping the peace or maintaining good behavior. The petitioner was very poor and he was not able to submit the bail bond. He was sent to judicial custody for six months by judge. The court not provided legal Aid in this case. Lawyers from HRLN, on being informed about the case, filed an appeal against the order and secured the petitioners release.