A case which obtained a job as a lecturer for a disabled man

Surinder Pal vs. Director of Public Instruction Surinder Pal is a physics teacher by trade who was trying to get a job as a lecturer Punjab, responding to an advertisement that 20 of the 658 slots would be reserved for persons with disabilities& Mr. Pal has a locomotor disability. The 20 slots were to be divided equally among males and females. When Mr. Pal's application was being considered 18 had been filled by 10 females and 8 males. Mr. Pal was 3rd on the merit list for the two slots, and therefore was rejected, despite the fact that he was the highest male on the list. He consulted with HRLN-Chandigarh and filed a petition in before the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Punjab. After hearing arguments and issuing preliminary orders to get the uncooperative respondents to comply with requests for information, the Commissioner issued a final order on 18.9.2007, ordering that Mr. Pal be given his post immediately.