A PIL that resulted in the hiring of 70 blind lecturers: Sambhavana vs. University of Delhi and Ors


In 1994, Delhi University passed a forward thinking resolution calling for a 3% reservation for blind and Orthopedically handicapped persons in the teaching departments in the University and the colleges affiliated with it. A year later, the Central government passed the Persons with disabilities act, which provided for 3% reservations for PWD's. Despite these two measures, implementation was non existent as of 2001. In an order dated 30.1.2001, the Delhi High Court took the University and the affiliated colleges to task for their ineptitude and demanded that steps be taken immediately to hire more disabled lecturers. Despite this order, the University and the colleges continued with their blatant non-compliance, especially with regards to hiring visually impaired persons. To combat this, a series of public interest petitions were filed on behalf of a society of disabled employees of Delhi University. In a series of orders beginning on 4.4.07, the High Court ordered the university to stay the hiring process for all the relevant positions until the requisite reservations were met and directed them to take all steps to make it happen as soon as possible. As a result of the orders, 70 blind lecturers were hired by Delhi University and the affiliated colleges.