Anjali Anand vs. State of M.P. and Others


WRIT PETITION NO (PIL) 20605 /2017 On 24-11-2017, new born child care unit of M.Y. Government Hospital caught fire. 47 infants got suffocated in the fire. 4-5 infants got critically injured, a burned dead body of the infant was also found. The infants were kept on ventilators for artificial breath. Reason of fire is attributed to the short circuit caused in the room; it was due to the low maintenance of the wiring system and also due to the high load of many electrical appliances. A PIL was filed for the relief of the patients and for the improvement in the facilities provided by the hospital. M.Y. Hospital is the most prominent government hospital in the city, and is in vicinity with all the nearby rural places. Approximately 2000-2500 patients daily visit the hospital, with a hope of getting better treatment. Such gross negligence is intolerable on the part of the hospital. With the filing of this petition, the petitioner seeks for some good improvementsin the hospital. Some of these improvements are like providing adequate number of beds in the hospital (There are only 1000 beds in this hospital.) Building the Hospital according to the guidelines of NABH & Fire safety is also prayed in the petition. A prayer of Inclusion of fire alarms and smoke detectors, high technology fire safety equipments is also included. The incident took place in the new born care unit of the hospital. Lactating women had to rush to other hospitals for the treatment of their children, Due to inadequate facilities available in the hospital. The lactating women in such a chaotic situation could not be given proper post nuptial care. After the first hearing of the case, notice was issued. An order was passed by the court asking all the respondents to give a reply to the petition.