Bachpan Bacaho Andolan vs Union of India & Ors - 2011

The petition was filed by Bachpan Bacaho Andolan against the Union of India and Ors in 2011 (Writ Petition (C) No. 51 of 2006 ). The petiton focuses on the rights of children n employment. In order to implement the fundamental right of the children under Article 21A, it is imperative that the Central Government must issue suitable notifications prohibiting the employment of children in circuses within two months. The respondents were directed to conduct simultaneous raids in all the circuses to liberate the children and check the violation of fundamental rights of the children. The rescued children be kept in the Care and Protective Homes till they attain the age of 18 years; The respondents were also directed to talk to the parents of the children and in case they are willing to take their children back to their homes, they may be directed to do so after proper verification. The respondents are directed to frame proper scheme of rehabilitation of rescued children from circuses.