Bhalaswa Lok Shakti Manch Vs GNCT Of Delhi


High Court of Delhi at New Delhi 06.04.2011 Court orders the respondents to fulfill the following directives: a) The respondent department shall conduct a study in the locality in question with regard to the issuance of ration cards within a period of six weeks from this judgment. b) Those who are residents of the locality and eligible to receive the ration cards, yet have not been provided the same may approach the authority. The authority, after verifying documents and eligibility shall issue ration cards to those eligible. c) There shall be adequate availability of rations in the locality keeping with the population level. d) If any person who has been enjoying the benefits of a ration card has done so fraudulently, their cards shall be cancelled after following the due process of the law. Respondents are required to comply with the order of the court in the time frame mentioned or face additional writ petitions brought by the petitioners before the court. Court Order