Mumbai-City civil court refuses to injunct TISS students from protesting against the removal of fee waiver for OBC-NC students #injuTISS


Mumbai-City Civil Court Judge G. Aggarwal, hearing an application for interim relief by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), refused to direct the students to call off their agitation or restrain their protest on the grounds that the students were well within their rights to protest after the Registrar of TISS, Mumbai, filed a civil suit against 6 students from the institute for leading protests on campus against the removal of fee waiver for OBC-NC students. The student led peaceful strike against #injusTISS on its 37th day will now continue after the court's order with students urging the administration to take notice of their rightful demands. A copy of the order will be available soon. Please find attached, a copy of the suit filed by TISS against the students.