Bombay HC stays demolition of pavement dwellers in Parel, Mumbai

WP. No. 576 of 2020 Dhanpat Muneshwar Tambat V. Assistant municipal Commissioner's Office | High court, Mumbai | Status: Pending | |

The petitioners are pavement dwellers undertaking daily wage labor. The claim of the Petitioners flowed from the Mahatma Gandhi Pathkranti Yojna and the eligibility criteria as per Maharashtra Slum Areas (Improvement, Clearance And Redevelopment) Act, 1971,

The court, as well as the Government strikingly for the first time, supported the argument of the Petitioners that eligibility of the Petitioners be decided as per the Government Resolution dated 16.05.2018 which bears out 2011 as cut off date, which otherwise is adopted as a policy under Rule 33(10) of Development Control Regulations, 2034 under the Mahatma Gandhi Path Kranti Yojna,

The decision benefitted 8 vulnerable families of the pavement dwellers who had nowhere to go except the structures they have been occupying from the years altogether.