Calcutta HC awards compensation of Rs 1 lakh to woman who was fired after complaining about sexual harassment, directs employer to reinstate her


Rina Mukherjee went through a long journey in her struggle to attain justice since she was terminated in 2002. An award was passed in 2013 for her reinstatement. However, The Statesman, in contravention of the said award, neither paid any amount towards her back-wages nor allowed reinstatement. The employer filed a writ petition challenging the award made in favour of Rina Mukherjee for setting aside of the award passed by the Industrial Tribunal at Calcutta. HRLN represented Rina Mukherjee in the writ petition filed by The Statesman and also filed a writ petition on behalf of Rina Mukherjee seeking a direction upon the Deputy Labour Commissioner, Government of West Bengal to prosecute the employer under Section 29 of the IndustrialDisputes Act, 1947, for violation of the Award passed on February 6, 2013. The Calcutta High Court passed an order upholding the order of the Tribunal reinstating Rina Mukherjee's services for the remaining period of probation and awarded compensation of Rupees One Lac (Rs. 1, 00,000) to be paid to Rina Mukherjee within three weeks of the said order.