Central Administrative Tribunal (Kolkata) allows transgender UPSC candidate to apply offline since online form lacked ‘other’ gender option

HRLN filed an Original Application in the Central Administrative Tribunal, Kolkata Bench, on the behalf of a transgender applicant who wanted to take the Civil Services examination conducted by the UPSC, but could not because there were only ‘male’ and ‘female’ options in the gender column in the advertisement for the examination. The application sought a direction for the UPSC and the government of India to modify the advertisement to include the ‘other’ option in the gender category to allow the candidate to fill the form in accordance with law. Alternatively, the application sought provision for the candidate to fill the offline form if the aforementioned could not be done. It also asked the tribunal to direct for the candidate to be treated as a socially and/or economically backward class candidate, to treat her as a reserved candidate and accordingly waive off registration fees. In response, the tribunal passed an interim order asking the UPSC to allow the applicant to fill and offline form.