Charges filed against negligent husband for causing the death of his wife


State vs. Mukul Gupta The deceased namely Deepa married on 25/07/2015 and she was found dead ( found in hanged position) at her husband's house on 2/09/2016.At the time of her death she had a girl child of one month old.The allegation of dowry harassment was there even from the 6-7 days of marriage.Thrice she was thrown out of her matrimonial home. Lastly when she was thrown out, she filed a complaint at the CAWC,at Subji Mandi Police station.According to the compromise proceeding and under the direction of the CAWC both deceased and the husband were living separately at husband one of the flat.Within one month of this stay she with draw the case under the pressure of the Accused family. And she alleges to her family members she was still harassed just before three days before her death.on 2/09/2016 ,since her phone wa going continuously unanswered , Deceased family members alarmed and went to see the house, there the door was closed from inside but a foul smell was emanating from inside . With the help of the police they went inside there they found her in hanging position in the one room near to the Kitchen.Her child was crying at her cradle.The body was highly decomposed stage that means two -three days prior the death was happened. The family members alleges that there was a opening to get access to her from the gali, and the deceased feet was touched on the floor and was bent.They alleges that the accused husband was not even provided to her ration and not even bed or cot was available.The room was completely empty except one cradle which was given by the deceased father. These facts were not on the record of the Charge Sheet. Status The matter is in the Session Court, and at the stage of Framing of Charge. The Complainant demanded to file the case U/S 302. Time has given for further argument and filing of Written synopsis.