Complaint against medical cheating by false doctors towards People Living with HIV/AIDS: YZ & Others vs. Govt. of NCT

There is lack of information in India about the HIV/AIDS infection and the available treatment; hence many PLHAs who are looking for accessible and cheap treatment fall prey to fake doctors or vaidyas (traditional medicine doctors) who claim to treat and cure HIV and AIDS despite knowing that currently the infection is incurable. HRLN took up the case in Delhi where a complaint was filed in the Criminal Court seeking compensation for financial loss suffered by those who were mislead by the false doctor. The fake doctor (or the vaidya) assured the complainants that they would be completely cured by his treatment therapy. He took exorbitant amount from each one of them and after 6 months they found that there was no improvement in their situation. On confrontation, they were threatened by the vaidya of dire consequences. They did not receive any help from the police or other relevant authorities. HRLN filed a complaint under section 200 of Cr.P.C. It is requested that the Court should immediately direct the relevant authorities to investigate the matter and prevent cases of malpractice by such fake doctors. This is an ongoing litigation but it is hoped that as an outcome of the case the health authorities will focus their efforts on informing PLHA of available treatment to help prevent such malpractices in the future.