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Covid Crisis Support Network & Ors vs. The Union of India & Ors W.P.A. (P) No. 159 of 2021 | HIGH COURT AT CALCUTTA | Status: Pending | |

The surging COVID-19 crisis has cornered Persons with Disabilities
(PwDs) to a position of extreme vulnerability. Special focus on
vaccination of PwDs on a priority basis needs urgent address al from the
Respondents. The Government of India while announcing vaccination for
all above the age of 45 years and between the age of 18-45years in not
specially mentioning PwDs, has put this vulnerable community on the
same footing as all. The same is arbitrary and counter productive of the
international protocols for providing disabled persons with treatment and
safety and treating them equally.
That, further, recognition by the Respondent of the types of disabilities
as under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 is necessary
for vaccinating PwDs on a priority basis; wherein, persons with
benchmark disabilities and High Support Needs, among various other
forms of severe disabilities including mental/intellectual disability would
endanger themselves in traveling to Covid Vaccination Centres (CVC).
That Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities has
requested the GOI to prioritize testing, vaccination and treatment of
PwDs at CVC’s. There is an urgent need for the Centre and State
Governments to speedily work out the request and come with an action
plan to prioritize vaccination drives amongst consenting PwDs and their
caregivers at not just CVC’s, but also at the homes of PwD’s, mental
health institutions, NGO’s and organizations supporting PwDs.
That this instant Writ Petition is filed praying for the protection of lives of
the PwD’s along with their caregivers through prioritized vaccination
drives; simultaneously, prayer for vaccination drives in leprosy colonies
in thee State of West Bengal is made.