Four detained Rohingya asylum seekers released from jail


In this case, four Rohingya refugees along with one from Bangladesh were arrested by the Faridabad Police under section 3/14 of Foreigners Act, 1946 and section 12 of passport Act as they entered in Indian Territory without any Passport / visa/ valid document. The four Rohingyas pleaded that they have been granted the status of refugees therefore they prayed that they should not be deported back to their country of origin. The Trial Court, Faridabad, convicted all the five persons but accepted the plea of refugee status given to 4 Rohingyas. The Court sentenced four Rohingyas to the period already undergone. With regard to the fifth person from Bangladesh, jail authorities were directed that he be deported to Bangladesh after completion of his sentence. The Rohingya people are a minority community of about 8,00,000 people from Myanmar. The government of Myanmar officially declared the Rohingya as 'stateless Bengali Muslims' in 1982. Myanmar’s citizenship law denies citizenship to the Rohingya. They have been officially robbed of their basic civil, political, social and cultural rights. Escaping violence and discrimination, they came to India in 2012 to seek refuge. Contact: Fazal;