Gender-Based Violence and Child Protection Madanpur Khadar and Shaheen Bagh, Delhi

The Madanpur Khadar settlement of Rohingya refugees, in the recent past, had several incidences of Gender-Based Violence and Child Protection. SLIC has witnessed the rise in SGBV incidents at the Rohingya settlements at Madanpur Khadar and Shaheen Bagh. This is of great concern and needs urgent attention; therefore, awareness sessions are required. In an interactive session by SLIC with the residents of Madanpur Khadar, it was observed that there was a need of a session on the laws relating to the laws on POCSO, Domestic Violence and Sexual harassment

On the date of 20/06/2019, the SLIC, BOSCO and member of UNHRC went to the Rohingya Refugee settlement in Madanpur Khadar camp to interact with people about different issues on women and children and informing about the Indian laws to help children and women of the area. The session was attended by 41 individuals of the Rohingya community. The second session was conducted at the Shaheen Bagh settlement of Rohingyas were 19 individuals from the Rohingya community attended the session.

The session at Madanpur Khadar settlement commenced with an introduction by Advocate Fazal Abdali, SLIC. Fazal Abdali introduced the other staffs from SLIC, BOSCO and UNCHR. He further introduced a group of Rohingyas including men and women, about how a woman has to be treated within the Indian laws and how everyone has to follow the Indian laws within the settlement and outside the settlement. He also shared about the situation prevailing in the settlement and how it is hampering the image of the Rohingyas at large. Further, a brief introduction to the laws relating to gender-based violence and child protection under the law of the land was shared with the community
Similarly, at Shaheen Bagh settlement the meeting commenced with a brief introduction by Advocate Fazal Abdali about the current situation within the Rohingya community on the issues of gender-based violence and child protection.