SC takes state govts to task, says they are bound to give dignified treatment to urban homeless

The Supreme Court of India has passed an order-dated 05.05.10 in the historic PUCL V. Union of India, directing various State Governments for making massive scale arrangements for homeless people in this country. This order is in consequence of a report the Commissioners in this case which had highlighted the urgent need of night shelters in urban areas, which will be open for 24 hours in all seasons, and will have basic amenities to enable a life with dignity. Commissioners insisted appropriate directions by the Supreme Court in this regard for effective redressal of problems and sufferings of homeless people in Urban India. Additional Solicitor General appearing for the Union of India has assured that all major cities, having population of more than five lakhs, will be provided with night shelters in the ratio of at least one per lakh of population. Various state governments have file their affidavits detailing the steps they intend to take for homeless people. The facilities which have to be provided to the home less people in such shelters include sufficient arrangements for food, medical facilities, privacy, child care, education of children, protection from winters, lockers, drinking water, toilets and electricity etc. Supreme Court has directed such state governments to file progress reports regarding the schemes suggested by them for homeless people. This Initiative of Hon'ble Supreme Court stands in recognition of the fact that the homeless people of all categories in urban places have to be given their rights of dignified life by the State. This order is set to bring relief to millions of homeless people in big cities of India.