Guhawati HC directs the Nagaland to formulate a comprehensive State Action Plan for eradication of malaria


Centre for Youth and Social Action (CYSA) V/S The State of Nagaland P.I.L NO.62 OF 2008 1 (k) 2009 In Nagaland, frequent rains followed by stagnant pools of water, uncovered drinking water storage tanks, etc become good breeding ground for mosquitoes thereby increasing the spread of Malaria .Drug Resistant Falciparam is the leading Health Problem of Nagaland. The States response is totally inadequate due to shortage of technical man power, rough terrain beurocratic sluggishness, non-availability of the Rapid diagnostic kits, Mosquitoes nets in adequate quantities. The HRLN Nagaland Unit filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in the Kohima bench of Guhawati High Court. The Court has ordered “We direct the State of Nagaland to formulate a comprehensive State Action Plan for eradication of malaria by way of anti malarial measures as per the national norms as formulated by the NVBDCP, Malaria Drug Policy (2007) and National Policy on Malaria for giving the direction to achieve the object of preserving the human life from the scourge of malaria which has resurged in this Region. It is further directed that under the State Action Plan, a high power monitoring body has to be created to oversee the activities under the State Action Plan and to make emergent or remedial measures without bureaucratic sluggishness. While constituting the said high power monitoring body, representatives from the Non-Governmental Organisation or voluntary action groups (NGOs) working in the field is inducted so as to harness people’s participation in the State Action Plan. The said State Action Plan and the high power monitoring body have to be framed and constituted within a period not later than 3 (three) month's from today”. Contact Person: Sanjai Sharma +91-9971822197