Guwahati High Court delivers landmark judgement; Department of Health and Family Welfare to pay Twenty Five Lakh Rupees to Petitioner in Nagaland

Moba Chunkai vs. the State of Nagaland | Guwahati High Court | Status: Disposed off | |

The case of the petitioner as submitted by his learned counsel Ms. Kikhi is as follows; That his mother namely Lt. Bema, who was pregnant with the 7th child, had labour pain at about 2 A.M. of 11/07/2016 and during the course of the labour, one arm of the baby emerged from the birth canal with the help of his father but since the baby could not fully come out they looked for a vehicle for hire and when they found it they started straight away for the district hospital at Mon which is about 130 Kms away from their village Monyakshu. But while they were still on the way his mother died. That as per the Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for Sub-Centres, Revised 2012, published by the Office of the Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, there are two categories of Sub-Centres i.e. Type- A and Type-B and, in the Type-B Sub-Centres basic facilities for conducting deliveries and new born care are to be made readily available. Therefore, the Sub-Centre in their village, which is Type-B Sub-Centre is suppose to have all those basic facilities for conducting deliveries. But since the Sub-Centre was also closed on that day and no proper facilities for delivery was available, his family were left with no choice but to take his mother to the district hospital.