Helpless widow mother being tortured by her Responsible Four sons and Daughter-in-laws

C-366/2020 Gita rani Karmakar Versus Raj Kumar Karmakar & Ors. | 1st J.M Basirhat Court, North 24 Parganas | Status: Summon Issued | |

Gita Rani Karmakar is a Law-abiding and Peace loving citizen of India, having permanent residence at Shikra Kulingram (Village), a village adjacent to India-Bangladesh international border, Police Station: Matia, Sub-Division: Basirhat, District: 24 Parganas (North), widowed and aged about 71 years. Her husband, Late Anil Chandra Karmakar died in the year of 2008, leaving behind four sons and one daughter. Her sons are naming Raj Kumar, Sukumar, Kanai and Basudev and name their daughter is Manju Dutta. All of their said children are married at status and capable to maintain themselves.

After the death of Late Anil Chandra Karmakar, Gita Rani Karmakar was living happily along with her sons and daughter in laws until her sons came to know about that the properties (tangible and intangible in nature) of late Anil Chandra Karmakar was transferred in the name of Gita Rani Karmakar as she is his wife. After having knowledge of the said fact her sons and daughter in laws tried a lot to convince her to transfer and register the said properties in their name. But their mother was not reluctant to do so as the income from that property was the sole source of livelihood for the helpless lady. Several times they have tried to do the same and several times she intimated that after her heavenly abode only they can enjoy the right and title of that said properties.

Being unable to convince their mother for the transfer of the landed property since the year of 2011, Raj Kumar, Sukumar, Kanai and Basudev and their wives, namingly Dipali (wife of Raj Kumar), Shyamali (wife of Sukumar), Rita (wife of Kanai), Mousumi (wife of Basudev) started to create pressure upon her and Gita Rani was left by them in a tremendous mental agony and the also stopped her meal. Leaving behind no other option, she left her house and resided at her daughter’s in-laws house for a few weeks at then. After a few days, showing the greed of good care, love and affection, food, shelter etc they managed to forge the property from their mother and dividing the same into four parts, they built up their own pucca house where, there were no place for their mother, Gita Rani Karmakar and it was found by the team of HRLN West Bengal, she was physically assaulted and thrown out by her sons from her house several times.

She was connected with Mr. Ratan Mondal, who is a renowned Social Activist in the district of 24 Parganas (North) and the founder of Basirhat Manavadhikar Seva Kendra. Thereafter, Mr. Mondal visited several times at her place. Through Mr. Mondal, she came to know about Human Rights Law Network and in September, 2019 she visited the HRLN Kolkata office for the first time. There she intimated about the facts and issues created by her sons previously named and daughter in laws. She had shown the connected documents relating to torture upon her also to the HRLN team members on that day. She had visited the HRLN Kolkata office again in December, 2019; February 2020 and she intimated that she is being tortured by her sons and daughter-in-laws tremendously and they had stopped her meal again but she was not reluctant to take steps against her children. In February 2020, a one member team of HRLN visited the house of Gita Rani Karmakar and Matia Police Station for finding out the facts of Domestic Violence upon Gita Rani Karmakar.

It was found that after meeting the O.C. of Matia Police Station along with Gita Rani Karmakar and her sons, the O.C. of the concerned PS directed (As previously reported by Saradindu Biswas) the sons of Gita Rani Karmakar, a) their mother will be provided food by them weekly and b) Gita Rani has right to give lease their ponds, cultivable lands and fruits garden c) All the money from the lease should be collected by Gita Rani Karmakar. But there was mentioning on prohibition of violence upon Gita Rani by her sons and their wives and her issues were not solved.

As the result Gita Rani faced mental and physical torture again. The same incidents happened on her again. It is pertinent to mention here that the extreme torture committed upon her by her sons and daughter-in-laws led her to mentally imbalanced. And such circumstances led and framed out to Litigations. Ankan Biswas, Consultant and Activist for the concerned district and Sandipan Das, Law Officer co-ordinated the matter with Mr. Ratan Mondal at the later period.

Henceforth, under such circumstances, a case under 156(3) of the Cr. P.C. and a case under The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 had been filed by Ankan Biswas and Sandipan Das on 25th of November 2020 before the Ld. ACJM at Basirhat in favour of Gita Rani Karmakar for Justice towards herself.