Madhya Pradesh high court issues notice to Union of India over non-provision of basic facilities to Adivasi villagers


WRIT PETITION NO. 1913/2015 (PIL) Smt. Kusum & anr. Versus Union of India & Ors. The petition was filed in the matter of the violations of the fundamental rights of Adivasi villagers in Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh. Approximately 35,000 Adivasi people live in six villages. The petition noted the pathetic condition of roads, and lack of medical and healthcare facilities in the area. It reported that in the event of sickness, ambulances cannot reach the area because of huge potholes and broken roads. There is no supply of electricity in the surrounding villages except one. Neither is there any water supply. As a result of woefully inadequate infrastructure, the poor implementation of government entitlements, and neglect, these villagers have suffered grave violations of their right to life, right to health, and right to dood under Article 21 of the Constitution of India and violations of the right to equality regardless of caste, race or place of birth under Article 14 of the Constitution. The court issued notice.