HRLN Litigation to challenge violence against protestors by Uttar Pradesh Police

Uttar Pradesh has been the worst hit in the past few months with the state taking a number of actions that seemed completely arbitrary, which included shutting down of internet abruptly, a number of preventive arrests, which as of December stood at 5,558.

A number of persons were sent notices to recover damages before the investigation was completed. There were posters that were made across Uttar Pradesh in various cities with mugshots of persons involved in protests.

In each of these instances the HRLN lawyers reached out to affected persons and provided them with immediate legal assistance and continued to argue their cases in the Allahabad High Court. Furthermore a team of lawyers from Delhi and Allahabad went to the affected locations and through the networks in the cities conducted thorough investigations and fact findings which played a critical element in the courtroom as well as built a critical sense of documentation with each city that was affected with the advances of the state.