HRLN's Response to Delhi Riots

When Delhi riots broke out on the 24th of February, an Advocate and a Social Activist from HRLN immediately reached Chand Bagh to assist people who were stranded and had nowhere to go, in addition to assessing the situation, through the night a petition was drafted and filed in the Delhi High Court. After a positive order from the Delhi High Court, when the matter was adjourned for a period of more than 6 weeks. HRLN took up the matter to the Supreme Court, which sent it back to the High Court to decide on the matter on an urgent basis

After the series of immediate data collection, HRLN lawyers and social activists have been on the ground since 4th of March 2020, providing legal aid to families affected by the violence that was unleashed. In addition to legal aid in terms of assistance in filing FIRs and recording testimonies a range of other issues were also brought up. Such as issues of poor sanitary conditions, the riot affected persons were caught in, the lack of camps, lack of access to urgent medical assistance and extreme density of population was brought to court.

There have been a number of positive orders in this regard. Directing the Delhi Government to provide accommodation for riot affected families and providing them with emergency shelter and ensuring their right to access to food and sanitation. Furthermore the orders from the court ensuring clean and sanitary surroundings.

Amidst the COVID 19 outbreak, Eidgah camp was directed to be emptied out for which HRLN has file additional affidavits in the same matter ensuring that riot affected families got immediate support and their rights of shelter, food and livelihoods were protected.