Julie Kharbhumi Labharthi, Sehkari Sanstha Maryadit v/s The Collector, Thane & Ors.

Key points in the order: 1. State to immediately destroy all existing landing sites, which are used by suction dredging boats that land and unload the illegally excavated sand, and prevent new landing sites from coming up. 2. State to formulate policy on putting the illegally excavated sand back to place from which it has been excavated. 3. State to form Vigilance teams at Village, District and State level to tackle illegal sand mining. 4. State to implement an online grievance redressal mechanism where anonymous complaints can be filed Railways to erect barricades under the railway bridges to prevent the suction dredging boats from using the river channels. 5. Railways to install CCTVs under the bridges and give access to RPF & Police