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Migrant Workers’ Registration, Food etc.

Garden Reach Contract Security & Labours Union and Anr vs. The State of West Bengal & Ors W.P.A. (P) No. 158 of 2021 | High Court at Calcutta | Status: Pending | |

That the daily wagers, migrant workers having lost their livelihood since
the lockdown and rural wages having taken a hit owing to reverse
migration are in suffering. Stranded without proper shelter, adequate
food, treatment and commuting owing to restrictions curtailing movement
has resulted in migrant workers- being mostly from 93% of the
unorganized sector- in losing not just their livelihoods but their lives.
Statutory measures, schemes and benefits have failed to reach them and there is an urgent need for compliance of Court orders and
That urgency of the petition is submitted before this Hon’ble Court in
seeking directions to the respondents for carrying out the registration of
migrant workers u/s 4 of the Inter-State  Migrant Workmen (Regulation of
Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979 and U/s 10 (3) of the
Unorganized Sector Workers’ Social Security Act, 2008; and compliance
of the suo moto order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court directing
maintenance of details of the workers, nature of their skill, place of their
earlier employment in prescribed proforma to be formulated by the
concerned State at village level, block level and the district level so that
necessary helps can be extended by the State authorities and district
authorities to these migrant labourers.
Accordingly, Social Security Schemes set out in Schedule I of The
Unorganised Workers Social Security Act, 2008 need to be extended to
the migrant workers with adequate food, proper shelter, financial
assistance being provided to the affected.
The Covid crisis has brought this marginalized sector to the brink of
destruction and urgent intervention to lasso the sinking workers out from
their misery is needed.