Oral order issued for health facilities

Praveen Kumar Madhu vs. Government of Bihar This PIL was filed by the Praveen Kumar Madhu with the Help of Prison Status Report 2015 issued by Bihar Legal Services Authority in January 2016. The aforesaid Status Report was based on the authorised Fact Finding conducted by HRLN’s Anshu Raj Singh & Barun Kumar. In this PIL, petitioners demanded to review the Health facility available in prisons. They demanded a quick review by government official of all the health facilities in prison and fix it as soon as possible. These are the points raised into the petition- 1. There should be separate cell for tuberculosis and HIV patients as these are communicable diseases and there is high risk of its spreading. 2. Ambulance service should be available at all times as right now it is not available in the prison campus. 3. There should be female doctors for the treatment of pregnant female inmates. Judgement: The Hon’ble Court took a quick decision on this PIL and gave an oral order to arrange separate cell for Tuberculosis and HIV patient, directed for the personal appearance of the Principal Home Secretary, Principal Secretary Health & I.G. Prison whereby the appoint female doctors in every prison & filling of the vacancy took place in all the 58 prisons across the State. 24x7 ambulance facility was provided to each of the 58 prisions.