Petition allowing a Rohingya Refugee in Manipur Central Jail to gain access to UNHCR

A Rohingya Refugee had been languishing in the Manipur Central Jail, even though he had completed his sentence period for entering Manipur without valid documents. The central concern dealt with in the petition was to allow the persons to access the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, New Delhi to complete his Refugee Status Determination (RSD) procedure. Also to quash deportation orders (if any) and direct the Respondents not to deport the Petitioner. Also direct the Ministry of Home Affairs to expedite the Long Term Visa (LTV) application procedures for the Petitioner once he is granted refugee status by the UNHCR.

On 27th May 2019, the counsel for Union of India filed their Counter Affidavit, wherein they admitted that there was no national law to deal with the refugee at present.