Petition challenging the order to deport Rohingya Refugees from India

There are approximately 7,000 Rohingyas who are residing peacefully on privately owned land, which are owned and rented out by Indian nationals. Every single Rohingya refugee who is staying in rented accomodation have been paying rent to their landlords on a timely basis. None of the landlords have raised objections or complaints about the conduct of their Rohingya tenants.

According to an order dated 08.08.2017 by the Ministry of Home Affairs it gives direction to the authorities to deport Rohingyas residing in India. It is extremely unsettleing for Rohingyas to be deported back because then they would be subject to rape, murder and a number of other brutal and gruesome acts inflicted by the army and others in Myanmar.

All the 7000 odd Rohingyas have been interrogated extensively by the UNHCR and after verifying theur statements minutely, they were declared as refugees and all of them have been given a refugee card with a number.