Petition filed against domestic torture leading to dowry death


State Vs Shyam Sunder The incident of unnatural death of the newly married girl happened on 28/08/2006 within the 8 months of her marriage.The deceased was harassed and tortured for 50,000/- rupees to purchase the provisions for his provisionary shop.This demand was fulfilled by the deceased family members.Further she was demanded by the accused for Rs.One Lakh rupees for the three wheeler( TSR) On the day of Rakhi that is just 12 days before her death she was beaten up by the accused persons and sent to the parental home wit demand of money, the injury marks were visible on her face. 28/08/2006 ,according to the Accused family she was found hanged at the door post. Post mortem report clearly shows no visible sign of suicide and her neck bones were intact. There were three major injuries mentioned in the PM were ante-mortem in nature, which were one week old,4 days old so on...Even these injuries spoke itself of the torture but the trial court acquitted every accused. Status Complainant filed LP at H.C of Delhi during proceeding the H.C discharged all accused expect the husband though the death happened at matrimonial home and there were clear allegations against the father in-law and mother in-law and brother in-law. The next step is planned to be the filing of an SLP before the SC.