Petition filed for the appointment of a guardian


Johny Pallithazath Vs Thankachan and others Background Johny Pallithazath is the director of Jyothi Nivas Charitable society running a home for mentally ill for the past 26 years at Vazhavetta, Wayanad. Appachan, 50 years old, S/o Moolayil Ouseph, Moolayil House, Nadavayal, Sulthan Bathery is one of the inmates of Jyothi Nivas and he suffers from chronic Schizophrenia. He was brought to Jyothi Nivas by his brothers Thankachan and Kunjumon 17 years before. The (late) Ouseph has given one acre of garden land and 50 cents of wetland to Appachan mentioning that the income from the property will be given to Jyothi Nivas for his care and treatment which was managed by the mother of Appachan as long as she was alive. But after her death the brothers (respondents) have taken over the property belonging to Appachan. But, did not give the income to Jyothi Nivas as desired by the father for the care and treatment of Appachan. It was this led HRLN to file a petition before the District Court seeking orders from the court (1) to appoint the petitioner as the guardian of Appachan, (2) to appoint the petitioner as Manager of the property. Current status Case pending for the reply of the respondents