Petitioner approaches High Court for immediate relief under Atal Amrit Abhiyan scheme


Rita Paul Vs. State of Assam & 4 Ors; WP(C) No. 2565/17; Gauhati High Court Synopsis: The petitioner is presently suffering from uterine cancer (Choriocarcinoma). This condition occurred after about a month of having undergone an abortion. The petitioner was undergoing treatment (chemotherapy) at Gauhati Medical College but stopped midway due to financial issues. For seven months now, she has not received any treatment. A State Govt scheme in the meantime was introduced known as the Atal Amrit Abhiyan. This scheme provides for free treatment up to Rs. Two Lakhs per person per annum for six kinds of diseases (including cancer) at accredited hospitals. Presently the State Govt is accepting applications from patients for reimbursement of already incurred expenses. The petitioner has applied under the scheme and even submitted representations for immediate reimbursement of her expenses as well as free treatment, but the Govt authorities informed that the claimed amount would not be reimbursed before August 2017. The petitioner could not wait for so long and thereby approached the Hon’ble Court for immediate relief. Status (In court): Pending. In the interim, The Medical Superintendent of Gauhati Medical College has been directed to provide free treatment to the petitioner and all medical procedures, including diagnostics and medicines, should be provided free of cost to the petitioner. Our matter was also used as a precedent in another case pending which the Government filed an interlocutory application praying that the order in Rita Paul’s case not be allowed to be used as a precedent. This prayer of the Government was allowed.