President of India quashes chargesheet against Haryana IFS officer

Sanjeev Chaturvedi Versus. Union of India WP (Crl) No 148 of 2012 |

 The petitioner cleared the Indian Forest Service exam in the year and was the second topper of his batch. He was selected in the haryana cadre post. For quite a long time after training, he was given any posting. Finally he was posted at a non-cadre post which was against the law. The petitioner opposed this and was finally posted as per the law. Hereafter he busted many rackets of the haryana government including the chief minister of haryana regarding forest and Herbal Park. Thereby the petitioner was suspended several times and two enquiries were set up against him on the petty issues such as not wear tie in the academy during his training. Finally, the President of India has intervened for the first time ever and struck down both the enquiry commissions instituted against the petitioner and cleared him of the charges framed by the government of Haryana with immediate effect.