Religious Minority discriminated against by the State

Case of Dr. Shakel Ur Rehman | Letter Petition | Status: Disposed | |

Dr. Shakeel Ur Rehman’s son came to India from Canada in the month of March 2020. Soon after a team of health officials visited his house to collect the swab sample. The collection was done at the apartment’s front parking gate within view of everyone at around 2:00 P.M.

Later the team put a red-coloured sticker outside their apartment, which read – “COVID-19 kindly do not come here – Quarantine Home”. The sticker also disclosed the name of Dr. Rehman’s Son, disclosed details and the number of family members and specified the period of quarantine. This resulted in increased community surveillance and discrimination against Dr. Rehman and his family.
Such action by the State Authorities breach the privacy of individuals and is a violation of right to privacy as it also perpetuated social discrimination and stigma from the society. Advocate Vishal drafted Dr. Rehman’s application and sent it to the Chief Justice of the Patna High Court via email. The High Court immediately took cognisance of the overreach of the state and the Principal Secretary of the Health Department, Bihar was ordered to take appropriate action in this particular case and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the persons