SC Acquits Person on Death Row

Dhal Singh v. State of Chhattisgarh, (2016) 16 SCC 701 Dhal Singh was accused of killing his wife and children, in view of the fact that Dhal Singh was the only one who was inside the house, and since the house was locked from inside, he was the only one who could have committed the crime. However, based on the fact that the house in his village, where the murder was committed, had a wall which was 4 ft. high, and even though the main door to the house was bolted from inside, the rooms were not locked, therefore the possibility of a person/persons, other than the residents of the house, getting into the house could not be ruled out. Further, the fact that the appellant was lying unconscious and the hypothesis that the appellant could be innocent can be a possibility. Based on these facts, as established by Sr. Adv. Colin Gonsalves while arguing on behalf of the appellant, the Supreme Court set aside the judgements of conviction and sentence recorded by the courts below and acquitted him of all charges levelled against him.