SC issues CBI inquiry in the murder of a Dalit woman and the rape of her daughter

The Supreme Court has ordered a CBI inquiry in the case of murder of a Dalit woman and rape of her daughter belonging to Haryana. The daughter was raped in August, 2012 and threatened not to disclose the incident to anyone. Even upon knowing the incident, the family kept it under cover from the fear of facing stigma from the society. The following month the woman was found dead near a river in Haryana. At this point her husband reported the incident to the police and named the two suspects. Eventually they were taken into the custody under the charges of rape and murder. Later they were acquitted when the Punjab and Haryana High Court issued a judgment in 2014. The appellant filed an appeal against the judgment. He appealed for transfer of the enquiry to the CBI, as the enquiries were not being conducted with fairness. As well the police personnel involved in the inquiry were already undergoing CBI inquiry on charges of dereliction and negligence of duty.