Order for maintenance to be paid to Wife and Children under Section 125 of CrPC

Pooka V. Shailendra MJC 1092/2018 | Family Court of Indore | Status: Pending | |

The application for Maintenance  is being scrutinized (section 125) In this case, Petitioner filed a case of section 125( Order for Maintenance of wives and children ). petitioner is belonging to Indore (MP) petitioner is 36 years old she have 2 children one girl and one boy girl is 7 years old and boy is 1 year old. she is going through a domestic violence from her husband from so long time, after suffering from harassment she separated from her husband in 2018, she have no source of income that's why she wanted a maintenance of Rs. 35000/- from her husband  her husband ha s shop of laundry in Ganesh Nagar in Indore. for her children but her husband refused to give this amount of maintenance initially, after filing the interim application of the petition she prayed for the maintenance for her children' expenses like school fees and food, milk and other expenses. their has a long time to disposed of the petition unless she want some maintenance amount for her children because she have no source of income. court passed the order of maintenance of Rs. 5000/-. court also said that petition have to  gave passbook to respondent for the amount. until final argument of this case.