Stree Adhikar Sangthan Vs Union of India & Others Writ Petition No.: 5144/2009


Geeta Devi, a Dalit woman, resident of Dhankamai in Fatehphur, Uttar Pradesh was refused medical assistance on the 17th January 2009, from 3 different medical institutions, before she was forced to give birth to her newborn child in a rickshaw on a public road, whilst hospital staff looked on. Her newborn child died, as a consequence of lack of medical assistance. HRLN has filed a PIL on the 28/01/2009. The High Court has issued notices to the accountable parities at Mahila Community hospital, Fatehpur. This PIL is the first of its kind, which challenges the denial of emergency obstetric medical care to a Dalit woman in Uttar Pradesh.