Stree Adhikar Sangthan Vs UOI Writ Petition No. 6723/2009


This PIL is connected to Writ Petition No.: 5144/2009 (above mentioned) as the same Community Hopsital also denied the victim of this PIL medical assistance. This PIL seeks justice for a woman: Anita alias Kelli who was refused medical assistance during the delivery of her baby, because she could not afford to pay Rs 500 illegally demanded by hospital staff on 18th January 2009. After being ousted out of the Community Centre, Anita was forced to deliver her baby outside the gate of the Community Centre, on a public road in full view of passersby. The new born immediately died on the spot due to lack of medical assistance. HRLN filed the PIL on 04/02/09 at Allahabad High Court.