Taaza Khabar Jharkhand 25-09-2020

Tribal lives reduced to a joke in their own State : Mob Attack in the name of cow slaughter-religion conversion

Roselin Kullu vs. State of Jharkhand & Ors WP (Cri.) 265/2020 | Jharkhand High Court | Status: Case is listed to be admitted before the Hon'ble Jharkhand High Court. In the meantime the 9 named accused persons have applied for their regular bail before the Hon'ble Jharkhand High Court, which is being opposed by us. | |

On 16th September 2020, when Roselin and her family were just starting their day with the simple household chores, then at about 6:30 am the family was paid a visit by 60-70 men all aged between 18-35 years in possession of dandas. Roselin's husband, a Pastor thought that people had come for prayer, but their demeanour said otherwise, and the first thing that the mob asked from Roselin's husband was to produce his identity card and inquired about his religious beliefs. Thereafter, the mob started assaulting Roselin's husband verbally and physically, saying, "तुमको तो यहाँ से निकलवाएंगे, और जो तुमको रखा है उसको भी निकलवाएंगे , तुम लोग साला ईसाई धर्म मानता है, तुमको तो जान से मारने का आदेश मिला है हम लोग को", and when Roselin tried to stop the assailants they further made their intentions clear to her, "तुम लोग एक तो ईसाई हो और गौऊ मांस खाते हो और तस्करी भी करते हो सालों से और तुमको मारने का आदेश है ऊपर से".  Roselin asked the assailants to not to take the matter in their own hands, and call the authorities, but the mob continued their assault, They also outraged the modesty of Roselin, by manhandling her on purpose. On hearing her cry for help, her neighbours also came to their rescue, but the mob overpowered them and continued their assault, saying, "साला कोल कुक्कुर नीच आदिवासी को मारो ये लोग गौऊ मांस खाते है ".

Thereafter, the mob took Roselin's husband Raj, her brother Deepak, and her neighbours Emmanuel and Sugarh to Kumhar toli, with continued physical and verbal assault, where their heads were shaved off discreetly, they were garlanded with shoes-slippers garland, and from there they were taken to Girja toli  making them chant "जय श्री राम" and they themselves were screamingly chanting "तुम गाय को काटोगे तो हम तुम्हें काटेंगे, हमसे जो टकराएगा चूर चूर हो जाएगा, जय श्री राम, जय भवानी". All this was happening in front of the Ward's husband Karmu Mahto, who was in full support of the mob. And it was him who informed the police after the mob had executed their attack without any hindrance.

The police arrived after being informed by the accused persons themselves, whose first reaction was applauding the mob for their vigilant act, following which two police men along with two guards went to the house of Roselin, and did a thorough inspection but recovered no prohibited meat from there or any such article. Thereafter, everyone was taken to the police station, the accused were taken in the PCR Van, who even then were chanting "जय श्री राम" and the victims were taken in the lockup van.

The treatment that was meted out to the victims in the Simdega Police Station was even worse. They were treated as no existential, the police officials were focused on the accused persons, and how they can get the matter compromised. And the Police Officer was least bothered about the first aid of the victims or even a glass of water.

The F.I.R in the case being Simdega PS case no. 89/2020 is a mockery of Tehseen S Poonawalla guidelines given by the Supreme Court, as it fails to narrate the whole incident comprehensively, making it a case of normal assault. The FIR says the matter got heated up after the men manhandled Roselin, whereas, the whole incident was pre-planned. One of the accused had even got one of the victims drunk and made him say things about the victims, alleging them of being involved in religion conversion and cow slaughter-consumption/selling.

Roselin and her husband and other victims met with the Local Authorities, SP, DSP, DC, Simdega PS Incharge, and even sent representation letters to the ST SC Welfare Department and State Human Rights Commission, putting forth their grievances, but to no avail. Even after the authorities' assurance the investigation that was done was corrupted - the designated Investigation Officer never recorded the statement of neither the informant of the case (Roselin), nor the victims nor the locality people, but had completed his investigation, from the side of the prosecution and submitted a part of the report/case diary, which further makes the case stronger from the accused's side.

Most importantly, the F.I.R fails to talk about the video being circulated, the victims being made to chant "जय श्री राम", attempted murder, the intention behind the attack. The authorities have misused their power to "manage" the case in support of the accused persons since day one.