Priyadarshani Varadrajan

Survivor of Rape and Domestic Violence overcomes odds with Karate

Pooja Ahirwar Vs Manoj, CRR. 1404/2020 | High Court of Indore | Status: Pending | |

In 2017,  victim came to Indore from her village situated in Uttar Pradesh to find work. Victim work as house maid and she is uneducated. She used to live as a tenant in Manoj’s house. She became friend of Manoj’s sister. At that time victim was of age 16 years, Manoj forcefully scared and assaulted the victim and raped her again and again.

On 25.10.18 victim filled an FIR against Manojunder section 376(2) (n), 506, 450 of IPC and section 3(2)(v), 3(2)(V-A), 3(1)(w)(ii) of SC and ST act 1989 amendment of 2015.  Accused went to jail. Accused is a Brahmin and victim belonged to Schedule caste. After the registration of case, Victim went to her village.

When he was bailed out from jail, then Manoj along with his parents went to victim ’s village and forced her parents for marriage. After that, victim was forcefully married to Manoj by her parents and Villagers on 25-01-2019 when she was 18 year old.

After marriage, Manoj behaved well for one or 2 weeks then he went to Jaipur to his maternal grandfather’s house. Manoj has furniture Business.

Whenever he came to Indore for court hearing, he used to beat victim, choked her neck and forced her to compromise and withdraw the case. He threatens her with acid attack and beat her repeatedly. He gave a victim’s mobile number to his friends who start making calls and used to harass her. The victim of the above mentioned incident came to HRLN office, Indore then on 23-05-19 and 0n 21-06-19, we filed complaint to IG, Superintendent of police, Station in-charge Lasudia thana, Indore MP.After no action has been taken by Police, and it became very difficult for her to live in a rented house because of the activities of Manoj’s friends. They used to tease her, stalk her, abuse her on her way to work. Then we admitted her to one stop centre , where she lived from 23-06-19 to 30-06-19.  Advocate Shanno Khan took her from one stop centre and filed her case of maintenance and she also planning to file a Domestic violence case.she is also the counsel of  victim in sessions Court in trial case. Advocate Shanno Khan also had a conversation with coordinator of One stop centre regarding ’s victim Employment.

After staying in one stop centre she was sent to child line. In child line she has been karate training and now she is the winner of 3 competitions of karate.