UP Court orders bail of domestic worker, her husband in frivolous complaint


Johra Bibi was a domestic worker in a house in a residential complex, Mahagun Society, Noida. She had allegedly not being paid wages, but when she demanded them, she was assaulted and illegally confined in the house for the night. After this, her husband and some other workers arrived at the complex and protested for her release, after which they found her. However, some persons filed a frivolous complaint against Johra Bibi and her husband. On their behalf, a case for quashing of the FIR (under section 482 of the CrPC) was filed. In its order, the court said that, “we deem it appropriate to direct the investigating officer to enlarge the petitioners on bail in the event of their arrest.” “The petitioners, however shall cooperate the investigating agency and they shall report to the investigating officer as and when called. The investigating officer while calling the petitioners for the purpose of investigation shall give a notice in writing and that should be in three days advance,” it added.