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Upper Caste Boys molest women from the Dalit Community and harass her husband

Prince Kumar vs State of Harayana, BA/1973/2020 | Kurukshetra District Court | Status: Pending | |

The husband of a Dalit Woman was beaten up and molested by Upper Caste Boys. When the woman opposed them and came to her husband’s rescue, the upper caste boys also threatened her using vulgar language and casteist slurs. Following which the same group of boys also physically assaulted other members of her family.

Manisha and a team of Activists and Lawyers went to the location where the atrocities were committed immediately and collected testimonies of the persons affected.

Manisha helped register a complaint on behalf of the Dalit Woman in the Police Station and is appearing on behalf of the complainant in Court.

They have gotten bail, which has been challenged by Manisha in the High Court.