Internship FAQs

Why intern at HRLN?

HRLN is one of the largest networks of lawyers and activists committed to the advancement of human rights in India. Through its internship programme HRLN intends to motivate young and talented professionals to enhance their skills in human rights and social justice. We believe that after completing their internship programme these motivated young professionals will be equipped with legal and social knowledge as well as being able to contribute to our overall goal of having a rights-based approach.

In what areas of human rights do interns/volunteers work?

Interns are an integral part of the organisation. Interns/volunteers are assigned work with a specific initiative of HRLN based on their interests and experience. They are also involved in contributing to publications, website, organising workshops and conferences, undertaking fact findings, doing legal/non-legal research and assisting lawyers with cases. Apart from this interns will also be assigned to perform some general administrative duties.

Should interns have legal background to work with HRLN?

HRLN encourages people from diverse fields to contribute to human rights through its internship/volunteer programme. We take law, social work students as well as professionals from the fields of social science, sociology, gender studies, political science, health, development studies and communications.

Are there any donations required to join HRLN internship programme?

In the occasion a student finds it difficult to pay the application fee or requires financial assistance, he/she can write a separate mail stating the same, substantiated by annual income certificate, to the internships coordinator at with a title on the subject line as ‘Request for Financial Assistance’. HRLN can offer only limited financial assistance.

HRLN suggests a donation of at least $300 from International Universities, Partners and Agencies seeking internship positions for their students/fellows to work in India. For International Students who will apply in an individual capacity, HRLN suggests a donation of at least $150. For Indian Universities/Institutions seeking internships with HRLN, applicants are charged with an application fee of Rs 3,000. Students from better backgrounds are encouraged to pay more which will help contribute towards bursary scheme for marginalized students.