Osbert Khanling

Osbert Khaling, completed his B.A. in History (Hons) from University of Delhi in 2016 after which he went on to complete his Masters in History in 2018. In 2019 he completed his LL. B from University of Delhi. It was quite late in life that he encountered issues faced by people in Manipur and the hardships that people in Manipur faced with draconian laws such as Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), allowing Armed Forces to wreak havoc on the rights of persons in Manipur.

Through college he encountered discrimination based on religion, region and caste. There were instances where people wouldn’t share a common table to eat food. There were professors who ignored students who were from the north east based on certain prevalent  stereotypes. He began working with the North East Students Society and went on to become the president of the North East Student Society, Dyal Singh College.

Even at his home state he saw issues with lack of implementation of laws, since customary laws held precedence, which in some cases were against the rights of people. After he became an advocate he realized that he was the first advocate from his community. As of now he works on bonded labour, forest rights and housing rights as he goes further he would want to work on property rights, industrial disputes for rights of labourers and civil and criminal matters