Rachita Avinash Padwal

Rachita switched from Sciences after completing her B.Sc. in Botany from Mumbai University in 2016 to complete her LL.B from Mumbai University in 2019. Though she had wanted to pursue law, she was discouraged from doing it because of the financial situation her family was in. She found the reason to study law through the injustice she saw in her own family; the lack of support and security that rights and law are supposed to give. It is for this same reason that after taking up law she has wanted to work with those who are dealt with an unjust hand, as she and her mother had been put through when she was young. As of now she wants to be in a position to earn her living doing something that helps her in her pursuit of of justice. She has felt the need to work on criminal justice, women’s rights, and rights of children and housing rights