A COMBAT LAW ANTHOLOGY Selections from combat law (2002-2010)

Edited By Harsh Dobhal Starting in 2002 as a bimonthly, Combat Law has been publishing in-depth articles that combine facts and analy sis on legal, social and political issues. Functioning without the constraints of the commercial media, the publication has been able to devote the necessary space to issues of importance at the local, national and global levels. as a bimonthly, it has been able to escape the pressures of headline grabbing breaking news that afflict the dailies and the weeklies and hence it has consistently focused on issues of long term importance. The purpose of this reader is to bring together a compilation of thematically grouped articles from Combat Law. there are themes to which, because of their very nature as matters vital to the institutions of state and society, Combat Law has returned from time to time. Because of the persistence of these problems and the sturdy quality of the writing it is possible, by revisiting these articles, to observe long term trends and patterns. this reader consists of articles that cover certain sets of problems over several years so as to present them in their historical coherence.