Allahabad HC orders stay on arrest of 6 LG Electronics workers who were punished for trying to unionise

This is a case where LG Electronics started transferring its workers to remote locations. However, only those workers who were actively engaged in forming worker unions under the aegis of All India LG Electronics Worker's Union were targeted and transferred. In response, hundreds of workers protested against these unreasonable transfers, following which, LG struck an agreement with the workers. However, soon afterwards, LG breached the agreement and the workers were forced to an industrial dispute. Despite this, the assistant labour commissioner and deputy labour commissioner refrained from taking any action. Thereafter, workers issued notice of a strike and seven workers went on a fast-unto-death hunger strike, after informing all authorities, including the DM beforehand. After five days of the workers’ hunger strike, the DM and other authorities fixed a meeting, assuring them of positive action. But when the workers arrived at the meeting, they found that no authorities had come. After this, yet another meeting was fixed the next day at the DM’s office, where the authorities refused to come out from the office and meet the workers. When they were leaving, the workers shouted slogans and tried to persuade the authorities to meet with them. Pursuant to this, an FIR was filed against union workers, naming six prominent and active workers. Filing a petition on their behalf, HRLN lawyers went to the Allahabad high court to seek a quashing of the FIR under Section 482 of CrPC. While the FIR has not been quashed, the high court ordered a stay on arrest of all the workers.