Combatting Sexual Harassment of The Workplace : A handbook for Women, Employers and NGOs

By Tom Dannenbaum and Keya Jayaram Guided by Prachi Patwa'rdhan and Renuka Mukadam Sexual harassment occurs all over the world. Many studies show that the primary victims are younger women in their first jobs, or women returning to the workplace after a career break. The victim is usually vulnerable, due to age for instance or employment status. In some cases, the timidity— what you might call society's conditioning of the victim is also a factor. Thus women's subordination is a result of interplay of complex socio economic and political forces and a sustained effort for gender equity in several spheres is needed for the empowerment of women. The issue of sexual harassment at the workplace is gaining visibility and the campaign with women’s organisations and the police at the women’s cell. Useful for litigants and for lawyers, it is a manual intended to demystify the working of the family courts and the law.