Eviction Watch India.Vol.II

There has been an increasing consciousness among the global civil society groups on the seriousness of
housing and displacement crisis, deepening especially in Asia, Latin America and Africa. It is, however,
difficult to measure the seriousness of the problem if one does not look for an efficient means of
solving it. At the start of the new millennium, India witnessed one of the largest urban displacements. In
Mumbai 300,000 and in Delhi 150,000 persons have been brutally displaced. Similarly, in other cities and towns,
forced evictions are driving millions of urban poor into homelessness, destitution and vulnerability.
The demolition squades raze structures often without notices; arrive at the residential sites during night or early
in the morning, even when menfolks are away for their daily works and only children are at homes. In New
Delhi and other major cities, such people are denied tenurial rights and are either forced to become homeless or
are dumped 40-50 kilometres away at remote places.